Report: Two Marines killed in Afghan attack

Two U.S. Marines were killed and several others were wounded when insurgents attacked a British base in Afghanistan, according to media reports.

A group of Taliban militants attacked the base in southern Afghanistan late Friday with small arms fire, rockets, and mortars. Roughly 16 of the attackers were killed in the skirmish, according to the Associated Press.

The attacks come amid violent protests against Western presences across the region, spurred by a film mocking the Prophet Muhammed. The amatuer film posted on YouTUbe has sparked demonstrations against U.S. and European institutions across the Muslim world, including in Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen. Four U.S. officials ncluding Ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed in an attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya earlier this week.

However, it was not clear whether the Afghanistan attack was similarly provoked by the film.

The base attacked is also where Prince Harry is deployed, but he was uninjured and two kilometers away from the attack when it occurred, according to the British press. The prince was deployed to the base about a week ago to begin a four-month stint piloting helicopters.

In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama said he was saddened by the deaths of the four U.S diplomats in Libya and vowed to bring those responsible to justice. 

"We will not waver in their pursuit.  And we will never allow anyone to shake the resolve of the United States of America," said the president.