GOP calls on Sen. Levin to hold Libya hearings

“While the Department of Defense has played a supporting role for U.S. efforts in Libya, the events of September 11 raise many questions about whether that role was adequate and appropriate in a country as volatile and insecure as Libya,” the senators wrote.

“These critical issues are the oversight responsibility of the Committee, and they deserve thorough review and examination by the full Committee as soon as possible,” they said.

McCain, Graham and Ayotte have been some of the most vocal Republicans attacking the Obama administration over its handling of the Libya attack. McCain has accused the White House of engaging in either a “massive cover-up” or “incompetence.”

The senators have sent numerous letters requesting information from administration officials in multiple agencies. They complained that the administration was ignoring their requests in a new letter this week.

As of last week, Levin had not made any plans yet for hearings on Libya or requested documents from the administration on the attack, a spokeswoman said.