US military says 8 civilians killed in airstrikes

US military says 8 civilians killed in airstrikes
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Five separate U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria likely resulted in the death of eight civilians and the injury of three others, the U.S. military command in the Middle East announced Friday. 

The five strikes occurred between April 12 and July 4, said U.S. Central Command, after they wrapped up several civilian casualty assessments. 

"We deeply regret the unintentional loss of life and injuries resulting from those airstrikes and express our deepest sympathies to the victims' families and those affected," a Centcom statement said. 

Centcom also said the airstrikes "complied with the law of armed conflict and all appropriate precautions were taken." 

The U.S. in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has aimed for standards more restrictive than the law of armed conflict, frustrating proponents of stronger actions against the terrorist group.  

According to Centcom, two unidentified civilians were killed near al Huwayjah, Iraq, on April 12, 2015, during a strike on an ISIS tactical unit. 

A tactical unit is anywhere from a squad to a platoon-sized element of 10 to 20 fighters. 

Centcom also said three unidentified civilians were killed on June 11, 2015, near Soluk, Syria, during strikes against an ISIS tactical unit. 

One civilian was injured when appearing in the target area after a U.S. aircraft released its weapon on June 19, 2015, near Tall al Adwaniyah, Syria during a strike against two ISIS vehicles, Centcom said.  

Two civilians were injured on June 29, 2015 near Haditha, Iraq, during strikes against one ISIS tactical unit and two ISIS vehicles, Centcom said. 

"After the U.S. aircraft engaged the target and two seconds prior to impact, a car slowed in front of the [ISIS] vehicles while a motorcycle simultaneously passed by. The target vehicle was destroyed in the strike but there was insufficient evidence to determine the level of injuries to the civilians operating the passing car and motorcycle," Centcom said. 

Three unidentified civilians were likely killed on July 4, 2015, near Ar Raqqah, Syria, during a strike against an ISIS high value individual when a car and a motorcycle entered the target area after the weapon was released, Centcom said.  

"We continue to review additional claims of civilian casualties and will provide additional information in the future," the statement said.

A defense official said that, as of Monday, there have been 120 allegations of civilian casualties, of which 87 have been deemed non-credible.

Of the remaining 19 that have been determined to be credible, eight have been announced so far, and the U.S. is planning to announce the results of nine more cases.

Two allegations are not from U.S. strikes and would be announced by other nations, the official said.