Karzai calls for Afghan control of US-run prison

At issue are the more than 50 Afghan detainees that are being held by U.S. forces at the prison whom the Afghans believe should be released.

The spring agreement to hand off control of the Parwan detention facility was one of the final roadblocks that allowed President Obama and Karzai to sign a long-term security agreement in May, which could keep a U.S. presence in Afghanistan through 2024.

Karzai’s declaration comes as the two countries started negotiations last week over a security agreement for U.S. forces to remain in Afghanistan after the 2014 deadline for NATO forces to hand off security control to the Afghans.

The fight over the prison could cast a shadow over the negotiations, where there are many prickly issues that need to be resolved between the two countries.

Karzai’s spokesman Aimal Faizi told reporters in Afghanistan Monday that more than 70 detainees are being held by U.S. forces, despite orders for their release by Afghan courts, according to The Associated Press.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul told the AP that the U.S. government is committed to the original prison agreement as well as resolving the disagreements for its implementation.