Confirmation fight hurts Hagel’s favorability

In Pew’s January poll, more respondents had a favorable opinion: 18 percent compared to 17 percent unfavorable.

The new Pew poll found that 50 percent still had no opinion of the Defense nominee, highlighting how a major fight inside the Beltway doesn’t necessarily resonate elsewhere.

Hagel’s nomination has faced substantial criticism from Republicans and conservative groups, and Republicans led a filibuster of his nomination last week. They said they were only delaying it until the Senate returns from recess next week so senators have more time to look at his record.

Among Republican respondents, Hagel was disliked by more than a 2-to-1 ratio, as 36 percent had unfavorable views compared to 15 percent favorable. Hagel’s favorability rating was 15-26 in January.

Democrats had a favorable view of the president’s Defense secretary nominee — who is a Republican — by a 31-23 margin.