Bill would increase vetting for sexual assault prevention jobs

The measure is one of roughly a dozen that have been proposed in recent weeks as Congress prepares to tackle military sexual assault as part of the Defense authorization bill, which will be marked up in the next month. The authorization bill is likely to be the legislative vehicle for Congress to address sexual assault and the military.

The numerous bills from lawmakers will give the Armed Services committees a range of options in determining what should — and should not — be done to try to curb the number of assaults in the military.

The two sexual assault prevention officer cases sparked a wave of outrage and accusations that the military is not capable of handling the problem on its own.

When the Army announced the second incident last week, Hagel ordered a retraining and recertification of all service members who work on assault prevention.

Several lawmakers also raised questions over how the military places service members into sexual assault prevention positions in the first place, which prompted the legislation from Shaheen and Fischer.