Icelandic executive offers plane flight to Snowden

“If he hasn't done it already, he is probably in the process of applying for citizenship," he said.

When he revealed himself as the source of classified National Security Agency documents, Snowden said that he would like to get asylum in Iceland, which has a reputation of protecting free speech. He later said that he went to Hong Kong rather than Iceland initially because he was concerned the U.S. could pressure Iceland into detaining him.

Iceland is not saying whether it would grant Snowden asylum. “To apply for asylum in Iceland, the individual in question must be present in Iceland and make the application in his or her own name," an Icelandic Interior Ministry official said, according to Reuters.

Snowden remains in hiding, and is believed to still be in Hong Kong, which is controlled by China.

The Justice Department is weighing whether to prosecute Snowden for leaking documents on the NSA's phone and Internet surveillance programs, and also whether to try to extradite him from Hong Kong, a step that could have political complications.