Taliban kill 7 in Kabul attack

Tuesday’s attack is the latest in a series of Taliban assaults in Kabul, as there have been a half-dozen attacks in the Afghan capital over the past two months.

The assaults have occurred as NATO forces have handed over the lead on combat operations to the Afghan security forces and since the Taliban agreed to hold direct peace talks with the United States.

As part of that agreement, the Taliban said they were committed to the peace process. A spokesman told The Associated Press the attacks were part of the Taliban’s spring offensive and unrelated to the peace talks.

"This has no link to the peace process," Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said. "It will continue all over the country occupied by the foreigners."

The peace talks have not progressed since they were announced last month, after the Afghan government pulled out over the Taliban declaring itself the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” at its new Doha office. That was the name of the Taliban’s ruling government when it was pushed out of power in 2001.

According to the AP, Tuesday’s attack began before dawn, when the suicide bomber drove a small truck to the outer gate of the logistics center. The explosion made a crater in the ground and damaged a guard tower.

Two truck drivers who were waiting to enter the compound were also killed, according to the AP.

The four gunmen then rushed through and exchanged gunfire with the guards, and Afghan police forces were also called in. The assault lasted about an hour, the ISAF statement said.