Gen. Keane joins bipartisan national security group

Though he retired from the military in 2003, Keane remained active in U.S. foreign policy and helped formulate the troop-surge strategy then-President George W. Bush used in Iraq in 2007. He also served for nearly a decade as a member of the secretary of Defense’s policy board and has continued to conduct reports in Iraq and Afghanistan for Defense Department officials.

“General Keane has always taken a thoughtful, deliberate and non-political approach to military involvement and engagement in the world,” Lieberman said in an emailed statement. “There is no one person I rely on more for advice on matters of national security.”

The coalition is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which means it is a “social welfare” group under the tax code. It is able to participate in political elections, including collecting anonymous donations to run ads for or against candidates, as long as that is not its primary purpose.

A release says that the group will be adding even more members this month to create “a strong, bipartisan and apolitical core leadership team.”

Other current leaders of the group include venture capitalist and Los Angeles-based philanthropist Elliott Broidy, who was appointed to the White House’s Homeland Security Council from 2005 to 2009 and also worked on the Department of Homeland Security’s Future of Terrorism Task Force and the New Technology Task Force.

The organization’s goals include ensuring “robust” funding for national security programs, including for defense, intelligence and foreign aid, according to its website.