Pelosi: Military action, diplomacy not ‘mutually exclusive’

The string of letters underscores the importance of the Syria vote for Obama and other leading Democrats, as Pelosi has made her case to her caucus while not actively whipping them.

The ranks of Republican House members opposed to military action has quickly grown this week, putting increased pressure on Pelosi and the Democrats to get enough votes to pass the authorization.

Many Democrats remain on the fence about the strikes, as calls to their offices have overwhelmingly been against military strikes.

In Friday’s letter, Pelosi also noted that members have called for Obama to address the nation, which Obama said he would do on Tuesday.

In the House, 21 Democrats had stated they supported military action or were leaning “yes” on an authorization vote, while 31 Democrats were in the no-leaning no column, according to The Hill’s Whip List.

Nearly 100 Republicans, meanwhile, have come out against military action, with just 10 Republicans are in favor of it.