Russian spy ship spotted 50 miles off US coast

Russian spy ship spotted 50 miles off US coast
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A Russian spy ship was spotted 50 miles from a U.S. Navy base in Georgia, ABC News reported on Thursday.

It's the second time in two months that the ship, the Viktor Leonov, was spotted along the Eastern Seaboard. The spy vessel was also seen traveling along the coast in February.

A defense official told ABC News that the ship was docked in Havana, Cuba for five days before it sailed to its current location.

Although the Leonov came close to the coast, it never entered U.S. waters which extend 12 miles out from the shoreline, ABC noted.

"It’s not something we’ve seen where they’ve entered U.S. territorial waters, and as such its lawful and very similar to operations we do in places around the world,” said the Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis in February.

Davis previously said that the Leonov "is not armed with any types of weapons that would present a threat to the US homeland or population," according to ABC News.