WEEK AHEAD: House push preempted by furlough decision

It is at this point not fully clear whether the House Armed Services Committee will continue with its hearing, scheduled for Thursday, on the “Pay Our Military Act”.

The law ensures U.S. service members as well as exempted civilian employees will continue to receive regular paychecks during the shutdown.

While House members plan to largely conduct business as usual, their Senate counterparts canceled a sequestration hearing initially scheduled for Tuesday. 

The top officers from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force were set to appear before the Senate panel to discuss the effects of the massive, across-the-board budget cuts under sequestration. 

Committee staff issued a notice last Friday the hearing was canceled, but it could be rescheduled for a later date. 

Back on the House side, defense lawmakers will hear from senior Pentagon officials and top military brass on the department's efforts to modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal and missile defense systems. 

Strategic Command chief Gen. Bob Kehler; Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs Madelyn Creedon; and Donald Cook, deputy chief of defense programs at the Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration, will testify before the House panel on Thursday. 

The East Coast missile defense shield will likely come up during Thursday's hearing. 

In September, The Pentagon identified potential sites in five different states — New York, Vermont, Maine, Ohio and Michigan — that could host a new shield.

The five possible sites will add a new wrinkle to a major policy fight poised to play out in the coming months over whether the United States should build a third missile defense site on the East Coast.