CENTCOM: Afghanistan bombing statements were 'inappropriate'

CENTCOM: Afghanistan bombing statements were 'inappropriate'
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The Pentagon is walking back comments a U.S. Central Command employee gave to The Hill regarding the use of one of the military's largest non-nuclear bombs during an operation in Afghanistan.

The employee, who identified themselves as a CENTCOM spokesperson, gave candid comments to The Hill regarding the use of the munition, referred to as the “Mother of all Bombs,” on a series of tunnels used by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“Statements published on April 13 attributed to USCENTCOM were made by an individual unauthorized to speak on behalf of U.S. Central Command and do not reflect the professionalism of CENTCOM,” CENTCOM media chief Maj. Josh Jacques said in a statement.

"These statements fail to portray the values of more than 80,000 service members of the U.S. military currently serving in the CENTCOM area of responsibility," Jacques added. 

"Our media engagement mission is to provide accurate, impartial information to the public and their media representatives worldwide.  Those inappropriate statements do not reflect the official views of CENTCOM or its leadership."

Jacques added that unofficial statements "undermine the confidence of the public who expect more responsible and thoughtful insight. As military spokesmen ... a higher quality of service will be delivered in the future."