Kerry: US, Saudi Arabia ‘close’ despite Syria differences

Kerry downplayed the report, saying that the intelligence chief’s comments were several days old and that he had spoken with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal about all of the issues raised.

“We know that the Saudis were obviously disappointed that the strike [in Syria] didn’t take place and have questions about some of the other things happening in the region,” Kerry said Tuesday at a press conference following a meeting of 11 foreign ministers on Syria in London.

“I am convinced we are on the same page as we are proceeding forward, and look forward working very closely with our Saudi friends and allies,” he said. "I have great confidence the United States and Saudi Arabia will continue to be close friends and allies as we have been.”

Kerry is in London as he tries to convince the Syrian opposition to attend peace talks with the Syrian government next month that are in doubt.

The Syrian opposition has not committed yet to attending the peace conference.

“I believe the conference can happen next month. I’m hoping it will happen next month,” Kerry said Tuesday.