North Korea warns of more 'gift packages' for US

North Korea warns of more 'gift packages' for US
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North Korea is warning the U.S. of "more gift packages" in the wake of Pyongyang's latest hydrogen bomb test.

“The recent self-defense measures by my country, DPRK, are a gift package addressed to none other than the U.S.,” Han Tae Song, the ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), said on Tuesday to the United Nations in Geneva, Reuters reported.

“The U.S. will receive more gift packages from my country as long as its relies on reckless provocations and futile attempts to put pressure on the DPRK,” he said.

The comments come after North Korea said this past weekend that it had successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb that can be placed on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

President Trump tweeted Sunday that North Korea's words and actions "continue to be very hostile and dangerous" to the U.S.

He also warned that the U.S. is considering stopping all trade with countries doing business with North Korea.

"Enough is enough," Haley said.

“The time for half measures in the security council is over. The time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it is too late. We must now adopt the strongest possible measures. Kim Jong Un’s action cannot be seen as defensive,” she said.