U.S. Chamber, energy trade groups urge spending panels to block EPA climate rules

The letters come ahead of the Senate Appropriations Committee markup of EPA’s annual spending bill Thursday. Republicans may offer amendments to delay EPA rules, which could draw support from some centrist Democrats. (Update: the markup has been delayed).

Also, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) is seeking a Senate vote this year on a bill he has put forward that would impose a two-year delay on EPA rules for stationary sources, while Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) has floated a companion plan in the House, which is co-sponsored by Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has said he intends to bring up Rockefeller’s bill this year.

“We urge you to support efforts to postpone EPA regulation of GHG emissions from all stationary sources through targeted amendments to relevant appropriations measures or legislation based on the Rahall/Boucher or Rockefeller bills,” state the letters, which are also backed by the American Farm Bureau Federation, the American Chemistry Council and other groups.

The House Appropriations subcommittee that writes EPA spending bills deadlocked 7-7 in July on an amendment to delay EPA rules for two years, which meant that the delay was not adopted by the panel.

The full House Appropriations Committee has not yet taken up EPA’s annual spending bill.

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