House GOP’s ‘Pledge’ vows opposition to climate legislation

The House approved a sweeping cap-and-trade and energy bill, 219-212, last year, but climate legislation collapsed in the Senate this summer, and even a scaled-back version was not brought up for a vote.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson acknowledged Thursday that broad climate legislation is not currently in the cards, and said the Obama administration is weighing next steps.

“[W]e have sort of lost the opportunity, at least for right now, on comprehensive legislation,” she said in an interview with The Hill.

Daniel Weiss of the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund quickly attacked the GOP blueprint after its release Thursday.

“’Increase access to domestic energy sources’ is code for ‘drill, baby, drill,’” he said in a blog post. “The GOP support for more offshore oil drilling after the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster exposed its deadly risks contradicts, rather than reflects, public opinion.”