Upton provides distance from GOP-targeted light-bulb ban

Upton and Harman have also co-sponsored follow-up bills, including one 
in May to establish new efficiency standards for outdoor light

Energy and Commerce ranking member Joe Barton (R-Texas) and fellow 
panel Republicans Michael BurgessMichael Clifton BurgessHarvey response puts squeeze on GOP Medicaid efficiency is needed now, more than ever In the politics of healthcare reform, past is prologue MORE of Texas and Marsha BlackburnMarsha BlackburnTrump's Twitter lockout raises safeguard concerns Anti-pyramid scheme legislation is necessary to protect consumers from fraud Former Tennessee rep enters race for Corker's Senate seat MORE of
 Tennessee last week introduced a bill that would repeal the deal Upton 
and Harman struck.

Barton – who is hoping to obtain a waiver from House Republican term 
limits and serve another Congress as lead Republican on the panel –
told Fox News Sept. 20 that the language is “indicative of the 
overreach that the Obama administration, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi
[D-Calif.], and [Senate] Majority Leader [Harry] Reid [D-Nev.] have 
put on the American people.” He added, “They’re mandating our behavior
 in health care, they’re mandating in this case in energy, they don’t 
want the American people to have choice, and … they basically don’t 
trust the public.”

The 2007 energy bill did come under Democratic leadership in Congress, 
though it was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

 Both Barton and Upton voted against the bill itself.

As far as the race for the top Republican spot on the panel, Upton
 said he hopes to get it if Barton does not get the term-limit waiver.

“The first step is whether or not Joe gets the waiver,” he said. “I’ve
 made the point that if Joe does not get the waiver, I want to be his
 successor on the Republican side.”

Asked whether Barton should get a waiver, Upton said, “That's not for 
me to decide. I'm not a member of the steering committee. That’s a
 decision they’re going to make.”

Upton declined to detail a legislative agenda for next year if 
Republicans take over control of the House.

 “Our first mission is to pick up the 40 seats to get into the 
majority,” he said. “My goal is Nov. 2. Ask me after Nov. 2.”