Gore slams Fox over ‘false’ climate info

Al GoreAl GoreMcCain: Dems killed Lieberman’s FBI shot Five things to know about Joe Lieberman Lieberman is front-runner for FBI director: report MORE on Wednesday ripped Fox News over the revelation that late last year a top editor sent staff a memo insisting reports on global warming should note critics' skepticism about climate science.

“Fox News has consistently delivered false and misleading information to its viewers about the climate crisis. The leaked emails now suggest that this bias comes directly from the executives responsible for their news coverage,” the climate activist and former vice president wrote on his website.

Gore’s remarks come after the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America released an e-mail Fox News’s Washington Managing Editor Bill Sammon allegedly sent to staff during last year’s United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen.

“Given the controversy over the veracity of climate change data we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question. It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies,” Sammon wrote in the Dec. 8, 2009, e-mail published Wednesday by Media Matters.

The e-mail came, according to Media Matters, just minutes after a Fox correspondent reported that the decade was shaping up to be the warmest on record.

Gore said the U.N. conference was a “critical moment in the fight against the climate crisis.”

“It is unsurprising, yet still disturbing, that Fox would allow its political bias to infiltrate its news reporting about the conference. Over all the media’s coverage of climate issues has been atrocious. However, Fox seems determined to set the bar even lower,” Gore writes.

The dominant — but not unanimous — view among climate scientists is that human activities such as burning coal and oil are raising the planet’s temperature.