Inhofe to target EPA's ethanol waiver

“Unfortunately, Congress has done little to exercise appropriate oversight of such decisions, despite growing bipartisan concerns over ethanol's mechanical problems and its economic and environmental impacts,” Inhofe said in a statement. “Therefore, I am calling on Sen. Boxer today to hold hearings on the nation's corn ethanol policies as soon as possible.”

A Boxer spokeswoman said the committee has not yet finalized its hearing schedule.

Inhofe is part of an unlikely group that has come together to rally against EPA’s decision that includes the environmental community and the oil and auto industries. Environmentalists have argued that ethanol pollutes the air and the oil and auto industries have raised concerns about the effect of increased ethanol use on vehicle engines.

Inhofe also said he will reintroduce legislation that would allow states to opt out of a broad mandate requiring that corn ethanol be blended into gasoline.

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