Administration working to streamline offshore wind leasing

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement Director Michael Bromwich said Tuesday that the administration is making offshore renewable energy a “top priority.” Bromwich said he is working to encourage offshore wind development by putting new focus on its Renewable Energy Program.

“The Renewable Energy Program will report directly to BOEM’s Deputy Director, with responsibilities to formulate national strategy and develop policies and practices as well as manage offshore renewable energy activities,” Bromwich said, according to prepared remarks. “This new organizational role will enhance our ability to facilitate efficient and environmentally-sound renewable energy development.”

Bromwich pointed to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s decision to sign a commercial lease for the Cape Wind project and to issue “requests for interest” for leases in three East Coast states.

“We will continue to seek ways to streamline the process of developing this vital component of our nation’s comprehensive energy policy without cutting any corners on safety and environmental protection,” Bromwich said.