When presented with public health arguments, Americans in key districts oppose Upton bill

The poll, commissioned by the Natural Resources Defense Council, found that 62 percent of those living in Upton’s district opposed his legislation when presented with the jobs and public health arguments. About 38 percent of those polled said they would support Upton’s legislation. Pollsters asked the same question in the districts of eight other Republicans on the committee and got similar responses.

“The bottom line is now clearer than ever: Democrats, Republicans and Independents across America want politicians to protect the health of America’s children rather than the profit-driven agenda of big polluters,” Pete Altman, climate campaign director at NRDC said in a statement.

Here is the way the question was phrased:

Michigan Congressman Fred Upton is promoting a proposal that would block the EPA from limiting carbon dioxide pollution. Some, like the National Association of Manufacturers, say Congress should block the EPA because “EPA’s overregulation threatens manufacturers, businesses and jobs throughout America. Its actions will increase manufacturers’ energy costs and make it more difficult to compete.” Others, like the American Lung Association, say Congress should not block the EPA because doing so “would strip away Clean Air Act protections that safeguard Americans and their families from air pollution that puts their lives at risk.” Knowing these two points of view, would you support or oppose Congress blocking the EPA?