News bites: Oil spill report delayed, 'Gasland' does not win Oscar, and more

Meanwhile, oil prices continued to rise Monday amid unrest in Libya and Oman.

“Oil rose for a sixth day in London on concern turmoil in Libya and the spread of protests to Oman will disrupt output. Persian Gulf shares dropped to a six-month low, while stocks fluctuated and U.S. index futures fell,” Bloomberg reports.

The head of a major environmental group said it’s possible that President Obama would allow a delay of the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate-change regulations if Republicans threaten to shut down the government.

"Obama may be forced to sacrifice the EPA's efforts to take the first steps this year towards regulating greenhouse gas emissions if it means he can continue funding the federal government for the next seven months,” the Guardian says.

“'If I was predicting, I would say that he might sign a delay provision, to delay the EPA effort for two years or something like that. It probably depends on the particular circumstances,’ Eileen Claussen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, told a conference at the Georgetown Climate Center.”

“Gasland,” the documentary about natural gas drilling, or “fracking,” did not take home an Oscar Sunday night. “Inside Job,” a film about the economic collapse, won the award for “Best Documentary Film.”

Native American groups have filed lawsuits to block construction of Obama administration-backed solar plants.

“Native Americans are clashing with the federal government over plans to fast-track approval and construction of massive solar energy projects that the Indians fear will harm sacred and culturally significant sites in Western deserts,” the Associated Press reports.

“Recent lawsuits by two native groups pose a threat to half dozen proposed solar developments that the Obama administration has identified as a high priority in its quest for more clean energy production.”