News bites: Tokyo officials issue tap water warning, another poll shows less support for nukes, and more

Another poll shows that the public is less supportive of nuclear power in light of the crisis in Japan.

Reductions in Japan’s demand for oil, a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami, are making up for the effect of unrest in Libya on oil prices.

Tokyo officials said that babies should not drink tap water in the city because radioactive iodine has been discovered in the water supply.

Regulators in Japan recently mulled using new technologies to cool reactor cores.

The crisis in Japan is having a major effect on the country’s auto industry.

An oil spill near an island in the South Atlantic could have serious consequences for 20,000 endangered penguins.

The mystery of who is responsible for an oil slick in the Gulf has been solved.

Federal prosecutors say a Massey Energy employee forged credentials to conduct safety inspections at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia.

A plan by Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) to develop offshore wind in the state could face a significant setback.