Climate ‘czar’ Browner joins liberal think tank

"Carol Browner is an extraordinary public servant and CAP will benefit tremendously from her vision and experience," CAP President John Podesta said in a statement. "She understands the intersections of how policy interacts with politics and how government helps shape strong markets for investment and innovation. Having that sense of integration is key to understanding how to improve the lives of the American people, which is central to the mission of CAP."

Think Progress, CAP’s blog, first made the announcement on Twitter Tuesday, but details about Browner's role at the think tank were not available until Wednesday morning.

“TWITTER EXCLUSIVE: Carol Browner, former Director of Energy and Climate Policy for Obama, joins the Center for American Progress,” Think Progress said Tuesday.

During her tenure at the White House, Browner came under fire from conservatives, who labeled her Obama’s climate “czar” and alleged that she wielded too much power for an official who did not receive Senate confirmation.

Browner served as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Clinton. She also previously served on the board of the Center for American Progress.

This story was updated at 8:36 a.m.