Schwarzenegger slams GOP-led bills to block pollution rules

“Since January, there have been more than a dozen proposals in Congress to limit enforcement of our clean-air rules, create special-interest loopholes, and attempt to reverse scientific findings. These attacks go by different names and target different aspects of the law, but they all amount to the same thing: dirtier air,” the column reads, warning of increased illnesses and deaths linked to mercury, dioxins and other pollutants.

The House voted 255-172 earlier this month to nullify EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases, with 19 Democrats joining Republicans in backing the measure.

House Republicans are also taking aim at a number of other EPA rules — including air toxics standards for boilers and utilities — that they call a regulatory overreach that will cost jobs.

But Schwarzenegger claims that “hobbling the Clean Air Act will ... hurt the economy.”

“More air pollution causes more sick days, and thus hurts productivity. And, as I know from California's experience, clean-air rules have led to innovation and new technologies that have created hundreds of thousands of new jobs and billions in clean-energy investment,” he writes.