One year after the spill, what happened to the oil?

Scientific American published a great story Monday on the fate of the oil that spewed into the Gulf of Mexico during last year's spill.

The issue has been rife with controversy. Last year, the Obama administration released a report laying out the fate of the oil in the Gulf that was criticized as an overly rosy assessment of the spill's aftermath.

Now Scientific American takes a closer look at the issue.

Here's an excerpt:

"Five million barrels of oil seems like a lot. That is approximately what spewed from the blowout at BP's Macondo well last year, about enough to fill an American football field more than 90 meters deep — and much of it has gone missing.

" 'There's a lot of water out there for the oil to be in,' notes toxicologist Scott Miles of Louisiana State University, who has researched the fate of the oil from last year's spill. Where is it? 'Your guess is as good as mine.' "