EPA will halt boiler rules while agency gets more input

EPA issued revised final regulations for boilers and solid waste incinerators in February under a court-ordered deadline. The final rules are more lenient than draft standards issued by the agency last year. Industry groups had called the draft regulations unworkable.

Since the final rules differ so much from the draft rules, EPA opened up a reconsideration process during which the public can comment on and review the final standards. The agency says it will accept comments on the revised final standards until July 15.

The stay of the rules will remain in place until the agency finishes its reconsideration process or until proceedings for judicial review that resulted from industry lawsuits are complete, an EPA spokeswoman said.

In an April petition for an administrative stay on the regulations, the industry groups said the agency should halt requirements that companies comply with the boiler rules during this reconsideration period.

EPA says the boiler regulations, which would require that boilers and incinerators install “maximum achievable control technology” to reduce harmful emissions, will prevent thousands of deaths and heart attacks at a reasonable cost to industry.