Reid to huddle with major environmental groups Wednesday

Other environmental community sources confirmed the meeting to The Hill.

Groups slated to attend include the Sierra Club, the Center for American Progress, the National Wildlife Federation, the Environmental Defense Fund, Environment America and the League of Conservation Voters.

A Reid spokesman declined to comment on the meeting.

The meeting comes at a time of uncertainty and setbacks for the environmental community.

A bill backed by top Democrats to eliminate billions in tax breaks for the largest oil companies failed to garner enough votes for passage Tuesday.

Republicans are pushing legislation to dramatically expand domestic oil and gas productions. The House passed a three-bill drilling package in recent weeks, and the Senate will vote later Wednesday on legislation that mirrors portions of the House drilling plan.

Meanwhile, Republicans and some moderate Democrats have sought to block or restrict a series of environmental regulations.

The House passed a bill in April to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse-gas emissions. While a similar bill failed in the Senate, Republicans have said they are looking for other legislative vehicles to revive the effort.