News bites: Coal goes to school, Texas says don’t mess with ‘fracking,’ and more

The Washington Post reports that fossil fuel industries are trying to get their messages out by funding school systems.

From their piece:

“Eager to burnish its reputation, the energy industry is spending significant sums of money on education in communities with sensitive coal, natural gas and oil exploration projects. The industry aims to teach students about its contributions to local economies and counter criticism from environmental groups.”

AFP reports on a new documentary about the controversial practice of mountaintop-removal coal mining.

Fast Company magazine reports on an analysis of clean energy trends to watch in 2011.

Bloomberg reports that Texas officials don’t want the federal government to regulate the natural-gas production method called hydraulic fracturing.

The New York Times looks at efforts to go solar in the Lone Star State.

USA Today reports on an environmental group study that warns climate change will increase asthma and other ailments by worsening ground-level ozone pollution.

Reuters explores how climate change could influence rain and drought patterns in China.