News bites: Mistrust hobbled Japan’s nuke response, Sarah Palin’s scorn for Big Oil, and more

The New York Times looks at the mistrust that bubbled beneath Japan’s response to the nuclear reactor crisis.

“Mutually suspicious relations between the prime minister’s aides, government bureaucrats and company officials obstructed smooth decision-making,” the paper reports.

The Washington Post reports that Sarah Palin’s emails from her stint as Alaska’s governor reveal hostility toward big oil companies.

The Wall Street Journal travels to a small West Virginia town at the heart of a big battle over mountaintop-removal coal mining.

Bloomberg reports that a major drought in Texas may hinder an oil-and-gas drilling boom “as government officials ration water supplies crucial to energy exploration.”

The Financial Times explores a new report that surveys investor fears about climate change.

The Telegraph reports that ousted BP CEO Tony Hayward might be on track for a big windfall from his latest venture.