Report: Looming EPA rules unlikely to hamper power reliability

However, the study cautions that the rules present major planning challenges and notes more study is warranted to gauge “localized” reliability effects in some regions, among other recommendations for ensuring the regulations are implemented manageably.

The report suggests that legislation could help provide a “smoother transition” but cautions this must not come at the expense of what the BPC analysts note will be major public health and environmental benefits of the EPA policies.

“Several market-based, multi-pollutant legislative proposals have been debated in recent years. While recognizing that it would be politically difficult to advance new legislation, the BPC believes that this approach could provide public health and economic benefits and should be explored in the coming months,” the report stated.

EPA is in the various stages of crafting new rules to curb hazardous pollutants from power plants, impose new requirements on the disposal of waste products from coal combustion, cut ozone pollution and address other matters.