News bites: Coal industry boosts Boehner support, bad economy saps oil demand growth forecast, and more

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reports that coal companies are pouring money into House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) political coffers.

The paper calls it a “sign of the industry's beefed-up efforts to fight new and proposed regulations from the Obama administration.”

Reuters reports that the International Energy Agency is trimming its forecast of global oil demand growth this year and in 2012. From that story:

In its monthly oil market report, the Paris-based agency said financial and economic headwinds were gathering momentum and significant economic threats skewed the overall demand side risk to the downside.

AP reports that while authorities say there was no leak from the explosion at a French nuclear waste facility, critics “urged France to rethink its nuclear power in the wake of the catastrophe at Japan’s Fukushima plant.”

The New York Times reports that NASCAR  is “focused on cutting costs by recycling, conserving and generating its own energy.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that former BP CEO Tony Hayward, who drew strong criticism for his gaffes during the BP oil spill, is preparing to “sever his last tie with the U.K. energy giant.”