News bites: Report claims EPA to ease pollution rule, fresh nuclear woes in Japan, and more

The Wall Street Journal reports that EPA is expected to ease the stringency of a key rule that requires power plants to cut interstate ozone and particulate pollution.

The New York Times reports that a nuclear power plant in Japan went into automatic shutdown because of a cooling problem, “clouding the outlook for an imminent restart of the country’s idled nuclear plants.”

Time magazine explores research into industry-backed campaigns to sow doubt about climate science.

AP looks at a new report on Gulf Coast environmental restoration.

The Guardian reports on a European Union fuel policy that could prevent oil sands imports.

The Los Angeles Times
reports that the Supreme Court declined to review a case in which the homebuilding industry is trying to nix a California pollution rule.

“The National Assn. of Home Builders had sought to overturn a rule that requires developers to mitigate additional air pollution associated with large developments -- such as increased automobile traffic with longer commuting distances,” the paper reports.

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