Janet McCabe to get top EPA pollution regulator nod

President Obama announced plans to nominate Janet McCabe to a top post at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) late Thursday.

Obama intends to nominate McCabe as assistant administrator for the agency's Office of Air and Radiation, a post she has been occupying in the acting capacity.

McCabe has not been popular among House Republicans this year.

In November, she testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where she was met with a flurry of hostile questions from GOP lawmakers about the administration's proposed climate rules for new power plants.

Many green groups support McCabe, who has been with the EPA since 2009, and the work she has done as EPA's top air pollution regulator.

"Janet McCabe brings a strong commitment to children’s health, extensive experience leading the State of Indiana’s air program, and a rigorous understanding of the law to her service at the Environmental Protection Agency," said Vickie Patton of the Environmental Defense Fund in a statement on Friday.

McCabe will be responsible for helping move forward the controversial regulations proposed by the administration on coal-fired power plants and possible methane emission rules in 2014.