Homeless recruited for Japanese nuke cleanup

Homeless men are being used to aid in the contamination cleanup of Japan's crippled nuclear power plant, Reuters reports.

A special report by Reuters reveals that homeless men are potential laborers that recruiters can send to contractors in the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant disaster zone for a value of $100 a head.

It's how Japan finds people willing to be paid minimum wage for a highly undesirable job in industrialized world. A gig that requires the cleanup of radioactive waste across an area in northern Japan that is larger than Hong Kong. The cleanup is a $35 billion, taxpayer-funded project.

Newly reported analysis by Reuters reveals that the project is running behind schedule due to a lack of oversight and a shortage of workers.

Roughly 733 companies are working on the Fukushima site, which is why little oversight is accomplished. And without proper disclosure from contractors, Japan's Ministry of Environment is unable to track whether contractors are hiring the homeless.

You can read the full report by Reuters here.