Europe split over stronger pollution limits

The European Union's efforts to expand the world's most ambitious limits on fossil fuel pollution may create a divide in Europe.

The regulatory arm of the 28 nations is reviewing a proposal that would cut carbon emissions by 35 percent or 40 percent by 2030, Bloomberg reports.

But the proposal in question will place Germany and the United Kingdom against Poland and its allies. While Germany hopes to step up efforts to mitigate climate change, Poland is attempting to control electricity costs that in some areas are double U.S. levels.

“This is going to be a very challenging debate on a very complex topic,” said Andrei Marcu, senior adviser at the Centre for European Policy Studies. Marcu said there’s a growing realization that climate leadership “will need to be accompanied by measures that ensure that we’re not endangering the industrial core of Europe.”

Scientists say Europe's next move is crucial to the international fight against carbon emissions and underpins the United Nation's attempt to establish a global limit.