Interior nears decision on project linking offshore wind power to grid

“This proposal to build a ‘backbone’ for an offshore electrical transmission system is an encouraging sign that there is significant interest in developing the infrastructure to support offshore wind development,” BOEM Director Tommy Beaudreau said in a statement.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Tuesday that a decision on the project will come after the 60-day comment period is completed. BOEM is also asking other developers if they are interested in building transmission lines in the region.

“As soon as that public comment is over, then a decision will be made on whether to move forward with the project,” Salazar told reporters.

Atlantic Grid Holdings is seeking approval from the Interior Department for a right-of-way grant, which would allow the company to build the transmission line. Interior said the project could about a decade to complete.

The project has received high-profile support from Google, which announced last year that it would invest in the project.