Top EPA scientist returns to academia

Dear Colleagues:

It is with bittersweet emotions that I announce Paul Anastas’s impending
 departure from EPA.

Paul put his academic career on hold and took a leave of absence from
 Yale University to serve at EPA the past two years. While Yale has
 graciously agreed to a brief extension of that leave, in order to 
fulfill his obligations to the university – and, more importantly, in
 order to return to his family, who remained in Connecticut – Paul will
 return to New Haven in mid-February.

Paul is a uniquely qualified scientist and manager and we are all 
fortunate he agreed to serve. His integrity, judgment, leadership and
 impeccable scientific credentials were invaluable to the EPA’s efforts
 on many critical issues that range from reforming and revitalizing our 
chemical assessment process to providing invaluable scientific advice 
during environmental crises, such as the radiological release from 
Japanese nuclear reactors damaged during the March 2011 tsunami.

We will announce a formal transition in the coming weeks. In the
 meantime, I assure you that science will remain the cornerstone of all
 of our Agency’s efforts and EPA scientists will continue to set the
 standard for cutting edge research and study – work that will yield a 
healthier, cleaner environment for all Americans.

Please join me in offering Paul and his family our best wishes and our 


Lisa P. Jackson