Obama parries Solyndra attacks in first campaign ad

“Secretive oil billionaires [are] attacking President Obama with ads fact-checkers say are not tethered to the facts, while independent watchdogs call this president’s record on ethics unprecedented,” the Obama campaign’s ad says in response.

An ongoing investigation of the Solyndra loan guarantee by House Republicans has found no evidence that the administration approved the Solyndra loan guarantee to please campaign donors.

The campaign released the ad on the same day that Obama rejected the Keystone XL oil pipeline, infuriating Republicans who say the project will boost the economy and create thousands of jobs.

While the ad doesn’t mention Keystone, it lays the groundwork for the president’s response to the pipeline criticism by arguing that investments in renewable energy can create millions of jobs.

The ad also highlights the administration’s efforts to wean the country off its dependence on oil.

“President Obama kept his promise to toughen ethics rules and strengthen America’s energy economy,” the ad says.