Increasing wildfires tied to climate change


The raging wildfires in Southern California are just a taste of a warmer globe, according to federal and international reports.

Three different studies over the last three months have connected climate change to the increasing wildfires, the Associated Press reports.

Those wildfires are only going to get worse as fires continue to start earlier in the year, the reports state.

No one specific fire is tied to global warming but scientists are warning that climate change will result in more wildfires and an earlier fire season.

"The fires in California and here in Arizona are a clear example of what happens as the Earth warms, particularly as the West warms, and the warming caused by humans is making fire season longer and longer with each decade," said University of Arizona geoscientist Jonathan Overpeck. "It's certainly an example of what we'll see more of in the future."

The wildfires in Southern California have doubled in the last week to 20,000 acres, the Los Angeles Times reports.

And the top five years that have had the most acres burned all have occurred in the past decade, federal records state.