Biden to headline fundraiser at billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer's home

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Vice President Biden plans to headline a Democratic fundraiser at climate activist Tom Steyer's home

Two sources close to the event planning, including one DNC official, told The Hill that Steyer would be hosting Biden for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser at his San Francisco home on May 28.

Steyer, a staunch advocate of climate policies and Keystone XL opponent, has raised his political profile in the past year, vowing to funnel a significant amount of money into 2014 races.

Republicans have pitted Steyer as the Democrats' version of the Koch brothers, and have blamed him for Democrats' insistence on what they consider dangerous climate policies.

The billionaire environmentalist has held fundraisers in the last year which both President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) attended. The latest fundraiser signals Steyer's increasing commitment to the Democratic party.