Crossroads GPS hits Obama over Solyndra with new ad campaign

Crossroads GPS is taking aim at President Obama over his administration’s $535 million loan guarantee to failed solar company Solyndra with a new national television advertisement.

In the new ad, the nonprofit group created by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie paints the Solyndra loan guarantee as a corrupt deal aimed at benefiting the president’s campaign donors.

“Laid-off workers forgotten. Tell President Obama we need jobs, not more insider deals,” the $500,000 ad, which will run on cable for a week, says.

It’s the latest attempt by conservative groups to punish Obama politically over the loan guarantee. Americans for Prosperity — a group partially funded by the billionaire Koch brothers — has spent more than $8 million on two advertisements that hit Obama over the loan guarantee.

The Obama campaign has indicated it's worried about the issue. The first television ad buy of the campaign touted Obama's clean-energy record.

Solyndra declared bankruptcy in September after laying off 1,100 workers. The bankruptcy set off a firestorm in Washington and drew the ire of Republicans, who have raised questions about Obama green energy agenda and alleged that the loan guarantee was approved for political reasons.

The White House has strongly denied that politics played any role in granting the loan guarantee in 2009 or restructuring the terms of the loan agreement in February.

A months-long House Republican investigation of the loan guarantee, which has yielded more than 180,000 pages of documents, has found no evidence that the loan guarantee was approved to benefit campaign donors involved with the company.

But the investigation has uncovered several details that are uncomfortable for the White House, including internal disagreements about the wisdom of approving the loan guarantee.

Crossroads GPS President Steven Law issued a memo Wednesday outlining the group’s strategy for bashing Obama over Solyndra.

"Advocates on the center-right need to engage that debate in both moral and economic terms, showing that Obama’s Washington is an unfair place, and less of Obama’s invasive, free-spending and chronically politicized government is the solution," Law said in the memo.