Northeast, Southwest warming fastest in recent decades

States in the Northeast and Southwest are have warmed the most of any region in the United States in the past 30 years, The Associated Press reported.

In a Wednesday analysis of federal temperature data, AP found that Maine and Vermont are 2.5 degrees warmer now than they were in 1984, the fastest warming of any states. But in the hottest months of the year, New Mexico is 3.4 degrees hotter than 1984, and Texas is 2.8 degrees warmer.

On a whole, the United States’s temperature averages have risen 1.2 degrees since 1984, and summers are 1.6 degrees hotter.

North Dakota is the only one of the contiguous states that did not get warmer during the 30-year time period.

AP’s analysis also found that 92 percent of the more than 500 cities and smaller regions within states have higher average temperatures than 30 years ago.