Australian PM may clash with Obama on climate during visit

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott doesn't share President Obama's views on climate change, and that may not sit well between the two leaders Thursday.

Abbott is scheduled to visit the White House for his first time Thursday, nearly one week after Obama unveiled his signature climate rule, which will cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants 30 precent by 2030.

But climate change isn't Abbott's top priority in Australia, and he has planned to get rid of the country's carbon tax on polluters, the Associated Press reports.

"Is it (climate change) the most important issue the world faces right now? I don't believe so," Abbott said after visiting the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, according to AP. "It is one of a number of significant issues that the world faces, and we will do our bit."

Despite other shared interests, Abbott's climate change policies will be closely watched during Thursday's visit, lending one Australian bookmaker to dub it a "climate clash."

Abbott is also trying to create ties with Britain and Canada to establish a united front against a global push for carbon pricing.

The tension will likely not help countries heading into the 2015 Paris talks. If Australia is not willing to get on board with a more aggressive climate change treaty than developing nations may not soon follow.