EU leaders work on 2030 carbon targets

European Union (EU) leaders will work on an agreement of general principles for their 2030 climate and energy policies at their October summit, according to an official.

The director general for climate at the European Commission, Jos Delbeke, said detailed measures would be ironed out once leaders reach a political deal.

"We are now preparing for the European Council in June, where we will present a progress report. It will be done on the basis of information from the meetings of environment and energy ministers this month and on the basis of informal consultations with the capitals," Delbeke said in an interview with Bloomberg News. 

The EU is also proposing to reduce its emission 40 percent by 2030, he added.

The EU's target of a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 will also remain.

"The target for 2020 is unlikely to be changed. Technically that could be done but politically we made a decision to focus on 2030. Given that climate change requires planning for the long term the 2030 decision is more important than 2020," Delbeke said.