Australia sees little consensus among G-20 for new climate action

As chair of this year's G-20, Australia is not seeing a consensus among the Group of 20 economies to take significant new action on climate change, according to a senior officials.

Heather Smith, the personal representative of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is helping craft the agenda for November's G-20 meeting in Brisbane.

Smith said it is critical to find an agreement in the group and that there is political consensus within the G-20 on the importance of action on climate change, Reuters reports.

But beyond green infrastructure, work to reduce fossil fuel subsidies and climate change financing, there isn't any appetite for new steps.

"You have to find consensus where there is consensus, and there is no consensus in the G20 to do anything beyond those areas I've mentioned," Smith said.

"And it's not an Australian position. It reflects the membership," she added.

While Smith said Australia is committed to taking action, Abbott is working to repeal the country's carbon tax on polluters.

Abbott has said that climate change is a big problem but not the most important one Australia or the world must face.