League of Conservation Voters brings in climate muscle

National environmental group the League of Conservation Voters is bringing in seasoned climate guru Daniel J. Weiss, formerly of the Center for American Progress.

The green group is hiring Weiss in the midst of its most expensive campaign season to date as it attempts to help elect as many climate-friendly candidates as possible this year.

Weiss, who directed the climate and energy strategy for the liberal think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), joined LCV as its senior vice president of campaigns this week.

Before CAP he worked with environmental advocacy groups and on political campaigns, including the Sierra Club. All together, Weiss has spent the last 30 years dedicated to the green movement, and climate change action.

“Dan has the skills, creativity and experience to help us support environmental champions and take on climate change deniers,” President of LCV Gene Karpinski said in a statement "We’re excited to have him join our team at a time of unprecedented growth and success for our organization.”

The move comes as an increasing number of green groups are funneling unprecedented amounts of money into the 2014 midterms in the hopes of making climate change a wedge issue.

"It’s essential that Americans hold elected officials at all levels of government accountable for threatening our climate and the environment, and elect allies to Congress that will put public health before polluter profits,” Weiss said in a statement Thursday.

In the last election cycle LCV spent nearly $14 million, more than the last three election cycles combined. This year it expects to top the $14 million, it said.