Watchdog: EPA meeting internal climate change goals

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is exceeding most of its internal climate change goals, according to the agency's watchdog.

A report from the EPA's inspector general states that the agency, which is responsible for carrying out President Obama's signature climate rule on power plants, is passing the green test with flying colors.

On all of its goals to reduce the agency's carbon footprint, such as cutting water use, greenhouse gas emissions and bulking up renewable energy, the agency is right on track, the report states.

However, the watchdog did find that the EPA should improve its data quality and record keeping procedures to instill greater confidence in the reliability of the agency's progress reports of its climate change goals.

The report, released Tuesday, states the EPA was not fully compliant with its record management policies, and relies too heavily on contractors to collect water and energy data.

The EPA agreed with the inspector general's recommendations and said it is working to "develop and implement procedures for maintaing and securing records."