Washington Post calls for more action on climate change

The Washington Post’s editorial board complimented the Obama administration’s actions thus far to fight climate change but said the approach has problems.

In a Monday editorial, the Post said the climate change debate in the United States has “devolved.” Policymakers used to agree that action was necessary to curb carbon pollution, but now they do not, the Post wrote.

The newspaper welcomed President Obama taking action through the Environmental Protection Agency’s June proposal to cut carbon pollution from power plants.

“The EPA’s rules are a decent and, under the circumstances, necessary first step, but they would not cut emissions enough over the next century,” the Post said. “And, for all of their benefits, they represent a cumbersome and expensive way to slash emissions.”

Monday’s editorial was the first of a series the Post is planning this week on climate change, in which it will call for action to mitigate it and point to proposals that would work better than the EPA’s climate rule.

“Action of some kind, at some point, is inevitable,” the newspaper said. “Our proposition is that it should come sooner rather than later and be smart rather than clumsy.”